Let's Meet

  Let's Meet

If you must send a pic of yourself hard, 

Be sure it is accompanied by an amazon gift card. 

  • Texting is great - But please keep it to a minimum.  Save in depth discussion for in person.

  • Please DO NOT send me a picture of your penis.  I can appreciate that your proud, but the penis is really not very photogenic.   Please gentleman, a little mystery is sexy!  

In Person Meetings

Screening is REQUIRED! 


Either 2 provider references or some sort of employment verification.  In either case your real name is needed. 


Often times I can verify you quickly with you providing little info, but not always. 


Preferance & Priority will be given to gentlemen that fill out the screening form  (form Coming Soon) completely  

If  forms aren't your thing, for fastest reply, please include the following information when contacting me:   

  • Full Name

  • Contact telephone number

  • Email Address

  • Preferred method of communication

  • City you would like to see me in

  • Desired Date, time  and  length of meeting.

  • Business name that employs you or you own

  • Main business telephone number

  • Direct telephone number

  • 2 Provider References

  • Providers Name 

  • Way to contact her; e-mail, phone # or Website



I will be freshly showered and meticulously groomed .  Please be sure that you too are fresh as a daisy. 


"Man-Scaping" will be generously rewarded. 


You are always welcome to use my shower before and/or after.  


  • If you cancel without calling - "No Show", I will add you to my blocked list and will not accept any further communications from you.

  • If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, please include an amazon e-gift card to show me you are sincere about meeting.

There are several other ways we can get better acquainted:

See My XXX Videos

Many Vids

*Sign Up is Required

Standard Skype Session - 1 on 1 - {Everyone is fully clothed}

Book Directly via Email

$20 for first 10 mn, $10 each additional 15 mn

A Great way to "Meet" prior to meeting

Sexy Skype Session - 1 on 1

Book directly Via Email

$30 for first 15 mn, $20 ea. additional 15 mn


Panties worn by me and sweetly scented

Sealed in a ziplock bag and discretely shipped in plain usps envelope  Includes a color 5 x7 of me wearing them.

$40 ea pair or 2 for $70

Amazon Wish List

Like to see me in a particular outfit or maybe just spoil me?


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