In Person

In Call 

1 Hour      $250

2 Hours   $400

Out Call  (w/in 30  mn drive)

1 Hour     $300

2 Hours  $550

Travel time over 30 mn    $50 per Hour

Dinner & Dessert  Package

Lets enjoy a Relaxing Dinner out  -at place of your choosing  - (1.5 hrs) and Decadent Dessert at my hotel room (1.5 hrs).  Stimulating conversation over dinner allows us to get to know each other better and creates a build up that makes dessert that much sweeter!


Aprox. 3 hours

A Night on the Town             


Whether you prefer dinner and a show, or a trip to the casino, you'll certainly enjoy it more with a beautiful woman by your side (5 hrs). Round out the evening , with a nightcap and some passionate private time back at my room. (3hrs).



Perhaps we've just had a wonderful night on the town and you don't want the evening to end or you'd like me to check for monsters under the bed the next time your in town, either way I'll show you a night you won't soon forget!  The next morning we can indulge  in a leisurely breakfast in bed savoring every delicious bite.  

Daily rate / Weekly Rate

$2000 / $10,000 

+ travel, meals & incidentals

**Extended engagements or those requiring I travel will be subject to a 25% deposit to book**

Place the appropriate consideration in an enevelope marked "a gift for Sabrina", out in the open within the first 15 min of meeting. 

*Please do not make me uncomfortable by having to ask.*

Place the appropriate consideration in a greeting card  or festive envelope  marked "a gift for Sabrina" and present it to me.  

* the Cash  App or



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